Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Drowning in Paynes

Jim Gaffigan describes having four children like this: "Imagine you're drowning... Then someone hands you a baby."

That guy is clever. He always makes me laugh.

Want to hear about some of the things I'm currently "drowning" in? If "no" enjoy the quick chuckle compliments of Jim Gaffigan & be on your way. If "yes" here a little list:

Appointments: in the past 1 week we've had a swallow study, an brutal ROP eye exam, a surgeon appointment, a home nurse visit, an echocardiogram, a gastro appointment, two dental appointments, and a family doctor visit for a shot... Whew! I just got tired all over again from typing all that. They are good news. They are a blessing. They will eventually slow down (so they say)... But they are currently overwhelming.

Crumbs: See previous paragraph then add to all of that Thanksgiving. We had a fabulous time! My sister (who's drowning in even more children than myself) came down to meet her new nephews! It was super to have her six kiddos join forces with my little brood... But having 10 kids present created a wake of crumbs that is down right frightening!

Laundry: our washer is broken... Which makes using cloth diapers super fun!!! Just kidding... About the diapers being fun not the washer. So mountains are forming in the hampers around me.

Fingernails: Now that's a nasty mental picture... but what i mean is the twins need their nails clipped. Desperately. They're like mini Freddy Krugers over here. (Side note: the only thing I actually know about "Freddy Kruger" is that he had long nails.) I notice this dozens of times a day as Maverick is into grabbing & pinching while he drinks his milk... Not pleasant. But I can't seem to locate any of the 9 pairs of fingernail clippers we own when there's a half a moment to clip the 40 tiny baby nails that are outta control.

Snuggles: this one rocks! Everyone needs loves! Everyone wants to be held & rocked & hugged. My big babies too! Not much personal space for now... But I figure I'd better stock up while I can in case adolescence brings a home-wide shortage of snuggle desire. Anyone know how to box these up for later?

I could mention a few more like dirty diapers being stockpiled, baby gear overtaking our living quarters, empty oxygen tanks, holidays that roll up on us like freight trains... But you get the idea. What I want to point out is why I'm not drowning in hopelessness...

Since the rapid doubling of the number of little Paynes around here people have joined us in our craziness. God has lead people to volunteer to hold babies, cook meals, come clean, run errands... you name it. And while the help doesn't take away the overwhelming nature of our current phase of life, it does offer hope. Knowing I have someone who's coming over to help me tomorrow brings a sense that there will be less crumbs. My friends who regularly take my dirty laundry & bring it back clean ensure that my kids don't have to go without undies. Because let's face it my children's wardrobes are very extensive... It's the underwear that's the issue. Getting a longer hug & encouraging words from my studly husband helps me stop freaking out about the mess. Having a friend text me to say she'll show up & hold my babies so I can run with friends gives me the push to do what i need & not just hide in bed all day. These are just a few examples of why even though stuff comes at us with much greater intensity with child 3 & 4 I'd say I'm more hopeful than I felt after just having my first & second children.

So let's keep this up... or get it started elsewhere. Let's stop assuming others are ok because they "only" have 1-2 children, or because they aren't parents, or because their kids are teenagers (or adults). God has protected me from drowning in the "it's always going to be like this" thoughts by showing me that I'm not in this alone. And that's something everyone needs.

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