Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our Payne-full Adventure

Please don't read this blog with high expectations. 

Just throwing that out there right from the start. I'm newly the mother of 4 & have never excelled at spelling big words (such as vocabulary...for instance). The point of this blog is to share my pretty awesome life in an honest way for anyone who may be interested enough to tune in. I will over use this... I will use wrong grammar. I will brag on my God (who is the only reason I can call my life "pretty awesome". I choose not capitalize the letter I (from here on out) because i feel it's slightly arrogant of the English language... Also i truly believe that my brain is only functioning at 30% capacity. Consider yourself warned.

But we have a story that i believe will be worth writing about... because i have a God who has decided to show off in said life.

i'm far from perfect & i'm honest... so here's hoping that this will be slightly entertaining as we go along. Welcome to our family...

Here's the cast (in order of appearance):

Brice:  My truly amazing stud of a husband. He totally rocks. He's honest (painfully so at times) & makes me laugh harder than anyone ever. His love for the Lord inspires me. He is the perfect partner for me & super dad to my kiddos.

Hannah: My (currently) 6 year old princess. She loves dancing, singing, rules and being dramatic. She runs a tight ship with her brothers and strives to shine for Jesus everyday. 

Mic: My (currently) 4 year old messy monster! He loves... life! He is SO, VERY, EXTREMELY excited about everything! Whether it is what letter a word starts with or the fact that there's gum in the middle of his sucker... it is worth celebrating. He is as hilarious as his dad & his rubber face expressions work perfectly with his excitement.

Maverick: My (currently) 2.5 month old who thinks he needs to grow up fast. He was over 10 pounds when he made his appearance & hasn't done anything "small" since then. He is as full of smiles as any baby i've ever met & is the voice of the two "twins".

Theo: My (currently) 5.5 month old who came home to us 10 days ago!!! He spent his first 5 months in a NICU where he wooed all the nurses around. He is my baby with "cords" as he currently has a G-tube for feeding and is on oxygen. He also has the blessing of Down syndrome. Since he & Maverick will grow up as twins we've decided to just call them as such.

There's the set up. This entry will be one of the longer ones (seeing as i started writing it almost 4 hours ago...) i'll post some current stories as well as background to how we've gotten here... as the chances present themselves :)


  1. Read it, agree with it totally and love it! :-)

  2. Love it. I like your style! Good luck. Can't wait to read more posts!!

  3. Great idea .. really looking forward to reading more.