Monday, November 5, 2012

Are we crazy?

Quick answer: Yes.

This is the question of the time. We ask ourselves this regularly. We hear this in the more politely stated "So what made you want to adopt at the same time as you were having a baby?" We hear this from more blunt family & friends. And we understand why. So here's the long answer:

It all started with me being completely convinced that adopting was a specific call that God put on certain people's heart... And just as convinced that He had not put that call on our hearts. I was all for helping orphans by giving money, going to orphanages, supporting other people's adoptions, praying... After all the Bible is clear that followers of Jesus will care about those who are uncared for. And we were actively caring.

An "easy" way that everyone who reads this could actively care is to check out Remember Nhu ( Shameless plug.

But as for going thru the adoption or foster thing ourselves... i just didn't see that as something we could ever do... Unless there was a child who had Down syndrome who needed a home. That just made sense to me. Since I'm slightly slow it was quite some time until I recognized that the tag ending on my adoption hesitations wasn't typical... And was probably something I should look into.

It's important to me that everyone who hears our story recognizes that we are not just super great people who buckle down and do the over-arching good things in this world. Psalm 37:4 tells us that when we find our delight in The Lord He gives us the desires of our hearts. (Don't be super impressed... I googled the reference ;-) My experience is that God doesn't just give me what I want... Even when I really want it. Instead I'm learning that He gives my heart His desires. Making me want what He wants. So when I say that we're not "great people" but we have an amazing God, that's what I mean.

So don't expect this blog to be full of me being super great... Unless you're into being disappointed. But feel free to expect crazy stories of our God. Because after all if we don't do what's crazy nothing would ever change.

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  1. amazingly answering the call, loving following the work unfolding! :-)