Friday, March 20, 2015


Things that make my tears fall lately:

- Reese's Rainbow kids who are aging out. 

- Blogs about moms being judged instead of supported in their extrodinary situations. 

- My last scheduled work out with Jane the Consistent. 

- The fact that 6,000 people will die today because they don't have access to clean water. 

- Brice surprising me by coming home early. 

- The fact that our new house doesn't have a coat closet. 

- Mic weeping over the movie "Haichi" (some stories shouldn't be made into kids' movies...)

- A land survey. 

- Being out of control over the "when."

- Watching some of our amazing Highland dancers fling. 

- Praying for dinner with my MOPS friends. 

- Phone conversations with my momma. 

- My kids' sadness.

- Facing the idea of being out of the country during this move as a reality.

- And twice during "How To Train Your Dragon 2"

... Just thinking about our actual moving day...

My nerves are a bit raw. Life is a bit full.  Trusting God to hold me even when I don't hold it together. The pain that leaving is causing is proof of the deep love God has blessed us with. These people... This place... Those kids movies. 

"I will not offer to my Lord that which has cost me nothing..." (2 Sam 24:24)

Monday, March 16, 2015

To Those Who Come After...

The House...

Our hope is that you fall as hard for this castle as we did. 

May your dinners be interrupted by "sunset breaks" no matter the season. 

May your ears hear the giggles from the swing set. 

May your imagination run wild with little ones in the blue house. 

May your bladder hold strong in the middle of the night when the deck shifts loudly due the cold weather (especially when you're home alone).

May your heart be refreshed in quiet times with the Lord on the front porch from Spring through Fall. 

May your driveway continuously be full of vehicles bringing friends and family to share life with... And may those friends not turf your yard too badly.

May your toes dip into the brisk creek as you collect stones or catch crawfish. 

May your directions include the color of your mailbox for ease of location. 

May the lightening bugs take your breath away as they illuminate the trees like millions of twinkling Christmas lights in the summer. 

May your stress melt away in the spa tub.

May you get to know the neighbors who will treat you like family... They all seem to enjoy pumpkin muffins, don't be shy. 

May your marriage grow through evening talks on the deck. 

May the mowing of the lawn help improve your fitness level. 

May the full moon always light your treks up the driveway to put the trash out. 

May the pear trees produce fruit, even the one on the left, which never gave us a single pear.

Make it your own. Use it to serve others. Decorate even cooler than ever happened with us. Replace the old, build the new...

May it be your home... On this temporary journey of life. 

Enjoy it well. 

The Youth Group...

You have the privilege of serving those who are hungry to serve. 

May your games of "Scramble" be injury free... Even if certain sponsor's bladders may feel the pain. 

May your teaching be anointed with power and effectiveness. 

May the note-takers encourage your heart. 

May their questions keep you humble and aware of your constant need to continue to learn. 

May your adventures take this group to places they've yet to see. 

May bonds form thick through laughter, tears, late nights, sweat and heart to hearts. 

May your frisbee games be enjoyable and your volleyball games be kind. 

May you be filled to overflowing both by this body of Christ and to spill into this body of Christ. 

May the Lord's boldness lead your group out into the community. 

May the liability forms and payments for trips be returned in a timely manner. 

May you find deep friendship inside and outside of this church. 

May you walk in the freedom you have to be who you are, how you are, all the while allowing the Holy Spirit to shine through it all. 

May you continue in your calling of caring for the people of God together with all the Church. Seeing Jesus Himself build His church, raise up His leaders, bring His healing and growth. May our ministries be partnerships of family to the glory of God. 

May you be blessed by the love of the people of God in The Alliance Church of Elkins, WV. 

Enjoy it well, faithful servants. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

An Experiment In Peace

So, we're moving states...

Leaving what's beloved and secure and spacious for the unknown city that we are discovering our love for. It's an adventure. It's exhilarating. It's breaking my heart. And it is happening. 

But peace is happening, too. Calm and flowing into all the space where worry has grown my entire existence. It's consistent in this change. It's stable through the doubt. It's present when the tears fall. It's definitely from God, Himself, as it surpasses my understanding and exists beyond my ability to feel peaceful.

It's so other, that I almost feel like I'm only conducting an experiment. As if I woke up and said "What if I tried NOT worrying?" Like, still sold a house, and bought a house, and raised support, and boxed a 6-person family up, and had Brice travel for a few months, and cried and cried and cried over good-byes, and did all the paperwork, and gave homeschool a shot... But did it without stressing in my mind. 

I have no answers as to the "how" or even "when" this will all work out. I don't know what it will look like or feel like. But the truth keeps speaking to my ears "this is beyond your control, and that's ok." So I stay still. I know that He IS God. I wait for Him to make Himself known among the nations. I watch His Holy Spirit do this in and through me. His thing in His way in His timing.

I'm not even sure why I'm able to test the "peace instead of worry" theory at this time. Maybe it's the history that proves God's presence through past, stress-filled moves. Maybe it's the "Breaking Free" Bible study that has proven my worry to be a cancer in my being. Maybe it's the practice in having no real control over the daily functions of my two 2-year olds that constantly provides opportunities to decide between peace or stress... Maybe...

Yet He presses deeper. Removing my denial little by little so trust can grow. This IS happening. This IS sad. This IS exciting. This IS of Him. And if nothing else, this is showing me that peace CAN be real... And surely that is worth it all and more. 

Consider this your invitation to join the experiment. "Peace I leave with. My peace I give. I do not give as the world gives. Do not allow your heart to be troubled or fearful." ~ Jesus (John 14:27)