Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 To-Do List

If you've read my previous blog posts you'll know that I'm neither good at New Years resolutions nor to-do lists. But here we are anyways since I'm apparently not so great at consistency either...

1) Rearrange Theo's Medical Cube:
All sizes of gauze, rolls of paper tape, second skin bandages, Mic-Key extension tubes, stomach acid protector lollipops, ointments, pads, screw on syringes... are no longer needed!!! Theo's G-tube and the hole from his tube are history! My leaky boy is well on his way to becoming a chubby boy and therefore we can get rid of all the junk from our feeding tube escapade!

2) Potty Train Maverick:
When a baby is ready to go... He's ready to go in the potty! Since Maverick is keeping his diaper dry during naps, emptying his bladder all at once, as well as removing poopy diapers when unsupervised in his crib... we've gotten out the Elmo potty and let him walk around without any pants on. While this significantly cuts down on the amount of daddy snuggling that occurs during the day, it seems like he's getting the concept. 

3) Cease Allowing Theo to Nap on Beds or Couches:
You plug a leaky hole in the kid's stomach and apparently there's no stoping him! He's all over the place. A few weeks ago I wouldn't have believed he'd be making such huge strides in sitting up and crawling, but he's unstoppable! No amount of pillow walls can keep him where I put him. So in 2014 we'll only be using cribs for sleeping. 

4) Wear Long Dresses:
Since unintentionally weaning Theo a few weeks ago I have a whole other section of my wardrobe accessible to me! I have been so incredibly blessed to have gotten to nurse two babies... even though they're "non-biological" twins. My heart is extremely full for this experience I now cherish in my memory. 

5) Teach Hannah To Tie Her Shoes:
I have a new strategy for 2014... Task Daddy with shoe-tying-teaching responsibilities. I don't know why this idea hasn't struck me before! I'm married to one of the most naturally gifted teachers around... If I put him in charge of teaching the kids to tie their shoes Maverick could possibly be tying up his own sneakers before he's fully potty trained. My husband is THAT good. 

6) Instill Persistence In My Oldest Two Kids:
Any ideas on this one are welcome. I've started reading a few books on persistence, but I haven't finished any of them. Just kidding. I can't read. Well... I can read... I just don't have much reading time in my daily life. I do, however, have a sinking suspicion that my kids aren't going to learn the importance of sticking with something when it's hard and no longer fun until I surrender my fear that I'm raising quitters... Thank Jesus He's showing me how to do that. 

7) Quit Baby Food:
It's hard to realize, but we will most likely be out of the purées and bottles in 2014. My daily routine can't even imagine this, but it's highly probable. 

8) Print Off Pictures:
We have some amazing photos on our computer and lots of open walls in need of decorating. I want to hang some smiling faces on those walls & printing off pictures would be the best way to accomplish that...

9) Stop Saying Sorry So Often:
This is a whole other blog post... But it needs to happen. "Sorry" has become an identity I've placed on myself rather than an apology... and that is not right. 

10) Abide in Jesus:
I can't do any of these things on my own. Sure, I can follow advice and try my hardest and stay up late and sit down less... but apart from Jesus I can do nothing. I'm not trying to sound self defeating, it's just that I really believe the Bible is true and that's what John 15:5 says. Regardless of what I consistently put pressure on myself to do, each day has been given to me to simply live WITH Jesus. I want to stop measuring my worth by how many never ending tasks I was "successful" at "completing". For living in Jesus is truly life. 

"I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing." (John 15:5)

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