Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolving Resolutions

i'm going to use my blogging time to do a little bragging right now...

i'm 50% finished with my New Year's resolution!!! That's right, folks, it's January 2nd & this chick is almost there! Be jealous. I'm THAT productive.

Sure, my New Year's resolution declaration was made around 8PM on NYE (after the kids were already asleep) and it went something like this"i vow to bathe our children this new year... like they all need baths tomorrow." Brice, in his usual support of my aiming for high goals, agreed... Later the next evening he assured me that since i had made it as a New Year's resolution that i have all of 2013 to make it happen (since it wasn't happening yesterday as needed). i love that man.

So here i am... sitting with 2 freshly bathed baby boys feeling like a resolution rock star. i'm not focusing on the crusty older kids who may or may not smell kinda like Fritos (and they aren't getting showered tonight either because they're at AWANA). After all i'm probably way ahead of reaching my New Year's goal than other slackers :)

This has got me thinking about New Year's resolutions that i should make but i'm not making... want a list?

Get Organized. Papers sit in piles around here & reproduce. i'm fairly certain they feed on the important papers that i placed in specific places in order to regenerate more work pages and receipts for things i don't even recall purchasing & most certainly don't need. i have multiple baskets set around my house so that i have lots of places to search through what i don't need looking for what is vital. But the filing cabinet we bought 2 months ago is still in its box & "sort thru papers" has been on my "to-do-list" for so long it's permanently burned into the dry erase board... so instead of resolving to be more organized i've decided to just call "searching through papers" my hobby. That way i can also skip the resolution to start an interesting hobby.

Eat More Whole Foods. i'm gonna instead just aim to actually finish the whole poptart that i started for breakfast before it's time for lunch. That way i can eat my kids leftover gogurt & american "cheese-product" without failing on any resolve. i'm totally laughing at the cringing my fitness friends are doing just imagining the junk in poptarts and american cheese slices... hehe :)

Begin Couponing. If i don't start this one then i can kinda claim that it's a offensive strategy in my war against paper, right? Coupons are super. They save money. They should be used by all who are capable. In fact... if any of you are really good at couponing & have extra deals you want to pick up for me while you're at it i'd gladly pay you back what you spend.

Have a Date Night Weekly. Since we have 2 nursing infants i'm instead going to resolve to go on a date any time it's even slightly possible. This shall include trips to Kroger or Walmart or to doctor appointments in Morgantown or catching a movie on Netflix... as long as i'm with my superb husband i'm just going to enjoy him. Although this resolution might suddenly appear at the Hunger Games movie release...

Lose Weight. i'm already bummed out from typing that. So instead i'm gonna pull from my "Waist Management" arsenal & decide just to focus on enjoying what i eat. Even if it's eaten over my nursing baby... or off my preschooler's plate... or while doing 6 other things. Food is yummy. i don't want to be too busy to notice that.

Recycle. Can i just complain about not having road-side recycling pick up & call that close enough? i'm already terrified that our weekly "burn" pile is going to come to life one night & consume a small child (we have a few around & none of them run very fast).

i'm not against making resolutions at any time of the year. i sincerely believe in doing what's hard for what's worth it. But lists like these can often lead us to feel inept & give us the false sense that we're failing at some unseen race. So as we start this New Year i want to share with you what Jesus often whispers in my ear... "kimmy, kimmy, you are worried and upset about many things, but ONLY ONE thing is needed. Choose the better thing of sitting in My presence & it will not be taken from you." Check out Luke 10:38-42... insert your name in verse 41... and have a year filled with sitting at Jesus' feet. You won't regret it.

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  1. Yeah, maybe we need to bring up the topic of being organized at MOPS...this after I just saw how to keep sunglasses from piling up. I just got part of my closets and drawers straightened in the bedroom. Then there is the pile of goodies to give to others. Definitely a mssion to make someone else's life richer and mine less cluttered. I think life is mostly about forgetting ones' worries and loving the life God gives us! Now to go read the scripture you referenced....