Thursday, January 31, 2013

Math Parent-Style

Math word problems. Always a blast in school. Super fun figuring out train arrival times and hourly wages and the such. i'm fairly certain it's been awhile since you brushed up on some word problems... mental exercise for the day momma (or daddy) style:

1) There are 2 children who start out with 1 inflated balloon. There are 2 melt downs over who is playing with said balloon. There are two more balloons added to the fun. There are then 4 more melt downs. One over the younger sibling being better than the older at blowing up balloons, 2 over balloons popping, and one over rules to an invented balloon game. It is 11:24 AM. Will both children have to take "sleeping naps" after lunch?

Answer: 100%

2) You went to bed at 10:30 PM last night. It is now 2:52 PM. You were awaken during the night 2 times to feed babies, one time due to power flickering off and on, 6-12 times due to loud frozen rain and super wind gusts, 2 times due to storm door being blown open, 1 time due to middle of the night poopy diaper incident, and 3 times due to spouse sleeping restlessly. Drinking caffeine after 4 PM will make you lie awake for 40-60 minutes at bedtime. You've already ingested the one cup of coffee your stomach allows you to have without complaining. Do you chance the second cup in hopes of accomplishing something today?

Answer: Skip the second cup of coffee and actually finish first cup that you thought you already finished but really just hid in the microwave for awhile... quickly before 4:00.

3) It takes child #1 4.5 minutes to get dressed, 47 seconds to brush teeth and hair, 1.8 minutes to re-brush teeth and hair after mom checks them, 13 seconds to locate book bag, 6.1 minutes to explain why she is super excited about last weeks music class project, 2 minutes to put on shoes and jacket, and 3.1 minutes to locate book bag again before heading out the door. Child #2 takes 2.6 minutes to get dressed, 8 minutes to locate socks that are put away where they belong, 42 seconds to turn his clothes around so pants and shirt are not on backwards, 1.4 minutes to brush teeth, 0 seconds even thinking about book bag, 3.2 minutes wandering aimlessly around, and 20 seconds to put on jacket and shoes (on the wrong feet of course) before heading out the door. Child #3 & child #4 are infants. They take a combined total of 3 diaper changes at 38 seconds per change, 3 outfit changes (including 1 outfit change for parent due to diaper changing incident) at 2.4 minutes per change, 2 feeding sessions at 9.7 minutes per session, 1 diaper bag prepared at 4.6 minutes of preparation, and 3.9 minutes of buckling and bundling into car seats while infants protest loudly. What time would this family have to begin preparing to leave in order to make it to school by 8:37 AM?

Answer: Seriously. This is an honest question. i need to figure this out. Please crunch the numbers and let me know. Mind you that i don't function kindly before 8AM so no answers including mention of the 6 o'clock hour will be accepted.

4) The cookie recipe calls for 1 box of cake mix, 1 egg, and 1 melted stick of butter. Children spill 1/23 of the cake mix on the counter. Four pieces of egg shell .17 cm in diameter fall into the mix. 2% of the stick of butter explodes on microwave walls during melting process. Children take turns mixing the dough at approximately 20 beats per minute. There are 2 cookie sheets each 11 inches wide. 16 cookies fit on each sheet. There is only 1 rack in the oven that is 20 inches wide. It takes 8 minutes to bake cookies to gooey perfection. How long will it take the parent to give in and just eat pre-made cookie dough straight from the freezer?

Answer: Mmm... cookie dough...

5) There are 6 people in the household. 2 of the 6 are miniature humans who use very few dishes. 2 of the 6 are grown adults capable and willing to put dirty dishes in dishwasher and clean dishes away. 2 of the 6 are learning to care for their own dishes... slowly. There are 15 metal spoons, 16 metal forks, 21 plastic spoons, and 11 plastic forks (that we can currently find). If 2 of the 6 eat lunch outside of the house 5 days a week, and 4 of the 6 eat supper together off of plates (or bowls if cereal is the main course), how many hours does it take to keep the kitchen from looking like a disaster?

Answer: All day, every day

How'd you do? Feel free to grade yourself on a sliding scale. Consider that your mental workout of the day. Bonus points added for clever answers posted in the comments. Also please note that my dear friend explained how to add a nice "follow by email" option to my page so you can put in your email if you'd like to see when i post :) Smile, stay warm & help those who aren't today!

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