Saturday, December 29, 2012

Letter to Santa

The fact that I'm writing a letter to Santa 4 days after Christmas isn't that surprising... I wasn't likely to be on time before the twins... It's just not going to suddenly become my thing now. But this isn't the typical letter that gets sent up north...

Dear Saint Nicholas,
There is no doubt that your spirit of generosity was anointed. How else could it inspire so many all over the world for centuries? I believe that you received the gift of eternal life and you chose to start living that eternity right here on earth. The Holy Spirit shone thru you spilling out to a world of individuals. You gave where there was need. You gave when it hurt. You gave when it cost you. You gave when it would've been easier to not give. You gave even though those who were receiving could never repay you... Or even thank you sufficiently. And that same Spirit still shines today through those like you who give because they have received.

So I want to say thank you to the Saint Nicholas' in our life...

Thank you for the gifts. I smiled hugely as my children danced with anticipation of the gifts you thoughtfully prepared for them. The lack of flying reindeer did not dampen the excitement at the sight of all those gifts under the tree... Gifts we were overwhelmed by.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness. If our children had gone shopping for their own gifts they would've picked much of what they opened... It was amazing. Thankfulness abounded. Over and over they asked "how did they know I wanted this?" & I have no answer... Just gratitude.

Thank you for your generosity. We would've had a "creative" Christmas... And it would've been sweet & just as true... But because of your generosity we had an abundant celebration of our Lord's birth. We are undeserving. We are in awe. We see Jesus in your selfless giving.

So thank you Saint Nicholas for sacrificing & giving & even spending time in jail (check out his story sometime... Amazing guy) because you were so extremely full of true life. And thank you to those who shine today... I pray God will shine through me to others as you have done... As shiney as St. Nicholas' lead reindeer's nose.

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  1. Kim, I admire you so! Your loving, giving heart never ceases to amaze me! Your blogging got me over the hump and made me realize it was something I had wanted to do but so afraid to start. Your courage and strength are inspiring me daily. May the LORD continue to bless you and your family greatly as you are such a gracious and humble servant of the LORD Jesus Christ! I love you!