Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hannah's purple, sparkley dress

Hannah has a purple, sparkley dress. We're talking princess-wardrobe-worthy here. It's made of sheer layers of multi-tone purple fabric that float around her as she spins. The tender fabric lays gently on her delicate shoulders. It has a beautiful sequin appliqué (consider that my big word for the day) that decorates the front of the sash.

And glitter. Lots of glitter.

The kind of glitter that catches any and all strands of light to reflect around the room. The kind of glitter that leaves a trail as she moves about her day. Enough glitter to turn your lap into a sparkley mess if it's graced with her sitting in it. The kind of glitter I find in my hair, on her dad's clothes, and clinging to the chubby cheeks of her brothers. It's a glittery, fancy dress for my gorgeous fancy girl.

And it's teaching me to keep my big mom mouth shut...

For my mom-style practicality would surely steal the magic from her swirling, shiny skirt. I bite my tongue to not say things like "A special dress like that should be saved for a special occasion." Or "it's too snowy and snow boots don't really match a fancy dress like that"...

Because after all isn't it me who needs to learn about life & fashion in this situation? I am that person who restrains myself from wearing clothes that are "too nice" or "too new" or "the color white" because my everyday might ruin them... And then I wouldn't be able to wear them... Which clearly doesn't make any sense.

And why shouldn't today be special enough for a sparkley, purple dress? We are not promised tomorrow... So requiring a dress this spectacular hang untouched in the closet from Christmas until Easter seems quite wasteful. Maybe the everyday will be celebrated as the special occasion it truly is with the wearing of sparkley magical clothing...

So instead I embrace the sparkles as a little visual picture of God answering our prayers that Hannah will shine with the light of Christ. My heart longs for my daughter (& all my boys of course) to spread God's love & grace & truth & Word & acceptance & purpose to everyone they interact with every day. I want for my children, as I want for myself, to leave the world different... more sparkley... just because they were there... & Jesus was shining thru them.

And I'll try to let go of the caution that leaves me normal & mundane & live life until the sparkle has been spread so far that the dress is retired too small and thread bare... And I'll admire the sparkley faces & places around me.