Saturday, November 1, 2014

How it feels

"This is how it's supposed to feel"...

The air burning in your nostrils. 
Your legs screaming. 
Your doubt nagging. 
The cadence of your feet pounding. 
Running the race...

The tears and sobs. 
The lips pouting. 
Your heart exhausted. 
Your kids testing. 
Boundaries upheld over and over and over again. 
Bringing up the child in the way he should go...

Your anger burning. 
Your heart bleeding. 
Wanting to run. 
Hopeless wishes rushing through your imagination.
Selfishness keeping you a partner to loneliness.
Keeping the vows 'till death do you part...

Fear dwelling with excitement. 
Anticipation melding with dread. 
Offering my worried, anxious self to be filled with His peace and hope minute by minute. 
Tears and laughter and longing and satisfaction.
Following Jesus...

Muscle is strengthened in the final minutes. In finishing through the burn at the end of the workout, ignoring your body screaming that it must stop.

It's the push that you are literally convinced your body is incapable of giving that births the new life. 

The ties that bind allow fights and loneliness to shape two imperfect people into a picture of perfect love in the hard choice of doing marriage. Holding on for the sweetness of refinement that we hope is past this fight.

It's a dangerous and exhilarating world in which we find our deepest need for an all sufficient Guide to lead us through in triumph to more than we could imagine. 

This is life... And this is how it's supposed to feel. 

Press on brothers and sisters under the wing of the One who can shape us through the fires of life. 

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