Saturday, November 2, 2013

Giving thanks

November is such a wonderful time! Fall weather... Family gatherings... Yummy food... Thankful posts on Facebook...

If you have participated in this 30 day thanksgiving posting and have, by chance, witnessed any lack of love, you just hold your thankful head high and soldier on. We all need a lot more thanks to be given. Facebook could always be improved with some positive vibes. I may personally scan past your postings... But I'm thankful for my thankful friends. 

The scanning happens more because if I've already read a thankful post or two, then I've already read the rest. We are thankful for our family, children, pets, home, freedom... And should voice such thankfulness more often than we do. But since those things have already been spotlighted (648 times this month) Here's a list of random things that I'm thankful for that you probably haven't already seen on your newsfeed...

- My eyebrows:
My face would look very strange without them. Also they're not too bushy and naturally lay in the same direction (a necessity in my book). I've never had to experience a brow wax. I'm thankful for that. 

- The pickling process:
I join cucumbers in singing the praises of adding veggies to incredibly salty water. 

- Salad dressing bottles with squeeze lid openings:
These save my salads from being drowned in a ranch avelanch. There's not enough lettuce left over to recover after I wrongly assume there is a squeeze lid when in fact there is not...

- I was born after toenail clippers were invented:
I'm trying to not imagine grooming practices previous to these silver hand-held helpers started being mass produced. 

- Bumbo seats:
The single apparatus that has allowed Theo to sit upright for the last 6 months. 

- My husband is bald:
He's seriously handsome with a bald head. 

- The Harlem Shake
This viral phenom is completely entertaining. The song is amazingly catchy. The creative group productions are hilarious. And the Payne Family version makes me laugh harder every time I watch it. If I can figure out how to attach a video y'all can witness the awesomeness... 

- I've never experienced air bags going off: 
Think about it for a moment. It's terrifying.

- The movie "Clue" was in the $5 bin at walmart:
Just buy it. Go to walmart, pay the $5, now you're thankful too. 

- Digital music: 
No more storing 639 cd cases and the ability to shuffle music from my entire collection... Yes. 

- The ability to connect to the internet silently:
Remember that dial-up sound? I'm thankful it's just a memory. 

- I outgrew the fascination with toe lint I had as a child:
I don't claim to understand it. I'm just glad I no longer have to check between each toe before I fall asleep each night. 

- No one has to follow the parking rules in our Kroger parking lot:
I'm not sure why, but this MuSt be true. There's no other explanation for what happens in that parking lot.

- Apple products:
They're seriously great. Regardless of what car taggers may think...

- People who will tell me they don't like my hair:
Whether it's Mic stating that my hair looks "more beautifuller without that circle thing on my head" (referring to my ponytail), or my husband who is honest about his favorite hair color on me... I'm so thankful that I have people who's compliments I can always trust because they tell me what they don't like as well. 

-This balloon:

- The lack of dress code for the stay at home mom occupation:
This may be my number one love of my job... Of COURSE I mean after my children... It's just that my sweat pants never whine or need their food cut up into smaller pieces...

- Down syndrome:
God definitely showed off His creativity with the addition of the 47th chromosome. Just amazing. 

- That I was out of high school before the invention of social media:
We recently looked through our old yearbooks. I'm very thankful that I could put all those awkward pre-teen photos back into a box...
(You're welcome for that laugh)

- Saltines:
These delicious, addictive salty crackers cost less than $1 for a huge box and are perfect to eat anytime. What other food do you desire the same 24 hour period after puking?

- How lilacs smell:
Just imagine it... Sigh...

- Super hero masks:
Making my life always interesting. 

- My In-Laws:
Be jealous. I get along as well with my husband's family as my own. That's something to give thanks for. 

- Teenager's love of ugly boots:
It's not that I understand all the styles out there, it's just that I love that I can wear big, clompy boots with my sweat pants when it's cold and wet outside and no one cares... (Expect maybe my fashion aware spouse...)

- Double Stuff Oreos:
What need is there for the normal-stuff Oreos now?

- The 3 people who actually read this whole list:
Thanks for your support and interest in what I have to say. I truly enjoy conveying it all. 


  1. I secretly enjoy reading these… but i guess it isn't really a secret anymore.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I love reading these! You write from the heart in all honesty and I admire that so much about you! Keep sharing! Your posts always make me do a belly laugh! I would so love to live close to you, you brighten my day! And I would love to be huggin and lovin on those babies! That's what grandma's do best!

  3. Ohh, I am number three!! Great post.